Forget most things you know about restaurants, because theSawah is our private home. It is like having lunch or dinner at your friends' romantic tropical place. Book in time (to be sure: 1 day in advance) and together with our staff we will pamper your taste buds. Our authentic Javanese ‘rijsttafel’ is the signature menu that we will serve. It established our reputation as one of the best restaurants in Yogyakarta. Apart from the food you will enjoy the green setting and the personal approach, including a tour through our home and garden.


‘Rijsttafel’ is a Dutch name for Indonesian food: rice table, rice sampler. In the colonial past wealthy Dutchies wished to impress their weekend guests and requested their staff to cook ‘everything’. The result: big buffets with 20-30 Javanese dishes. The contemporary version is much more compact, but still big: 9-10 dishes around a bowl of yellow rice. This main dish is preceded by a local starter (usually Javanese chicken soup ‘soto ayam’) and a local fruit dish completes the dinner, together with Javanese herbal tea, funny nicknamed ‘garbage drink’.


Indonesians do miracles with vegetables, fruits, spices. In the rijsttafel as well. There will be boiled tofu, tempe (fried tofu), sayur lodeh (pumpkin curry), urap (carrots & beans with shredded coconut), corn cakes and others. Upon request the local specialty can be added: gudeg, cooked young jackfruit. But usually we include meat as well: chicken in the starter; beef rendang & chicken sate in the main dish. Please inform us upon booking if you want to exclude anything.


TripAdvisor awarded theSawah its Certificate of Excellence in 2013 and 2016. In TripAdvisor's ranking theSawah is always in the top 5 of 800+ restaurants in Yogya. Click the logo for more information and reviews. And once you have been here: new 5 star reviews will be highly appreciated, of course ;-)


A sawah is a rice field. So theSawah can be found amidst green rice and sugar cane fields. Just outside the romantic pottery village of Kasongan, south of Yogya. Our home has a quiet tropical ambience, an elegant dining room and the garden terrace Ruimzicht ('wide view'). We speak Indonesian, English, Dutch, German, French and some Spanish.


By taxi it takes around 20-25 minutes from the city centre to theSawah. See the map and if you wish: print the driving instructions on the right. Some taxi drivers offer to wait here for you for a moderate fee - in that case we offer them a drink and snack on the back terrace. But if you prefer we call a fresh cab 15 minutes before you want to depart.


We are not always open but very flexible and try to fulfil every request. We serve lunches and dinners for 2-25 people, but can also cater for buffet parties, birthday celebrations and business gatherings up to 30-40 people. Our elegant dining room can also be used for workshops and meetings, including drinks, snacks, meals. When we (Phillip and Wim) are traveling, our staff can still prepare the same excellent Indonesian rijsttafel.


A dinner guest suggested us to join the well-known AirBnB booking site. We will be pleased to host 2 pax in our comfortable Guest Room or incidentally 2-4 pax in our spacious Master Bedroom. Click the logo for more information and reviews. We can guarantee a comfortable, relaxed stay and a warm personal approach.


We don't have a restaurant. But we love to cook. To serve
more than a meal: a real tropical treat at a stylish home.

TheSawah is first of all our own elegant home. Upon request it will be your restaurant. But included in the lush garden is also Phillip’s fashion atelier Konsep and in his boutique he displays and sells his unique designs for very reasonable prices. If we are available we will be pleased to show you the whole ‘village’ after the main dish.

indonesiaIn the past we offered world kitchen options as well: country menus from around the world. But 95% of our guests come for our Indonesian ‘rijsttafel’ menu - there are hardly requests for other food. Also: since Phillip is usually quite busy as a fashion designer, he can seldom be a cuisine conductor. Only in very exceptional cases he might have time or be willing to prepare a non-Indonesian menu for you. Call us to find out.


Tell your taxi driver and/or your tour agent and/or your hotel staff clearly you want to go to restaurant theSawah near KASONGAN - everyone knows that pottery village south of Yogyakarta. After us a few other places started, with confusing similar names (Sawa, Rumah Sawah, Bebek Sawah). Some of them are even at the other end of the city! Better come to us directly…
If you wish: click here for printable driving instructions in Indonesian.

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Saya mau ke restoran theSawah dekat Kasongan.
Ikuti Jalan Bantul kearah selatan, lalu belok kanan gapura Desa Wisata Kasongan.
Ikuti Jalan Raya Kasongan arah kebarat, lalu ada jembatan masih kebarat, lalu menemui Tugu MUDA belok kanan terus mentok, belok kiri terus saja kebarat kira-kira 500 meter setelah sawah-sawah ada Neon Box tulisan theSawah belok kiri.
Ikuti jalan tidak aspal setelah 200 meter, sebelah kanan jalan sudah tiba di lokasi.